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Shuffle people worst chatroulette Alternative

ShufflePeople Greed and it’s excessive advertisements

ShufflePeople has closed it’s doors and shutdown it’s website. If you were looking for shuffle people you can use a similar website by clicking on the pink link that says shuffle people below if not go to our home page, or try

We decided to write A review on Chatroulette Omegle Alternative called ShufflePeople. We know how important it can be for users to be able to access A site easily without getting bombed by Ad’s. Internet surveys have shown time and time again that over advertising on sites drives users away for good. Shufflepeople makes users watch advertisments between every chat shuffle. It’s A problem that’s exhaustive beyond explanation.

No only are there hundreds of ads including pop up ads and video advertisement. But it’s the fact that Fake adult type ads are being used to lower adult males looking to web chat roulette with A nice girl. They are tricked into clicking these ads in return making the owners thousands of dollars while abusing their loyal users who are yet to find the Great alternative Roulette Chat Sites.

Shufflepeople is quickly loosing users at lighting speed. At one time they used to recieve A good amount of Chatroulette alternative traffic. But those days are starting to fade away giving way for new roulet sites to pop up. Their desperate attempt at monetizing their website at the cost of it’s users has started to take it’s toll. Just A few moths ago admins at Shufflepeople started plastering every inch of the site with pop up ads, flash advertising and more. The ads are so bad they take up A huge amount of space and users are in A constant battle shutting off ads just to click next.

While we don’t expect our users to care much for such A site with poor choices of attacking users with hundreds of ads. We decided to write this review for the sake of new people coming into the webcam chat scene. Saving you the time and trouble is only half the problem because you are more likely to Shuffle Ad’s, than people. For the best Shuffle People Alternative just use ChatRevolve.Com

Just A few screenshots of Ads found on ShufflePeople




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