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Chatroulette tokens and codes

Tokens have officially been introduced at chatroulette for everyone, that is everyone who is willing to shell out some cash to access some of the features that come along with paid tokens. After all why would they give out free token codes? The cost is $10 for 100 premium next passes which gives you the options to choose Country and gender.

chatroulette since the early days has had problems monetizing their website, to pay for all their server and bandwidth usage from their massive early day traffic. When the site first launched the service would have a link at the bottom for a paid subscription dating service. We can only guess the dating site was probably paying them peanuts for a direct link and advertisement. The link was later removed and the redirect action was introduced for users who violated the terms of service at chat roulette. Redirect is when your Ip address is banned at chatroulette it automatically kicks you off their site and sends you where ever they choose.

There are rumors that the sites owner was offered over 1 million in hard cash to sell the site just 8 months after it’s successful launch in 2009. The offer was later refused along with numerous other offers to buy the fast growing random webcam chat site.

There have been some improvements to the site but overall millions of people remain banned from chatroulette. Those include lists of users who were banned for nudity, and those who were Ip banned for no reason at all. Regardless of the reason a person gets banned or not the question is why do people keep seeking alternative chatroulette & omegle websites? First you have those who are already banned at CR they need another place where they can still enjoy the chat random experience to camzap and next user’s they don’t like. Then you have those who enjoy having a conversation with the option to do it in the nude and seek random chat sites that allow it.

Now to the most important thing, FEATURES, Options and more. After all we do love anything and everything that is loaded with choices to choose what we want to do or how we want to experience certain things. Some people enjoy chat random with girls only, some with guys only. Those are just a few choices and reasons why alternative cam sites like is flowing with over 500,000 Monthly users and growing. It has all the gadgets without registration and it’s 100% free with tons of module choices.


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